Step One:  Recognition/Realization

Step one in transformation, inner transformation is this.  We must have a moment when we know something is not right.  We go into “a mode”. The mode leads to often to false fixes, bad fixes, or excuses.  We often end up finding a way to justify our behavior or belief.  We go to scripture and prayer seeking to be right, not a true answer.

Realization involves knowing you could be wrong.  It takes a lot of humility and a lot of honesty with yourself.  Beginning reflection after that ”aha” moment requires the question:  What if I am wrong?  If you ask that question that will most often begin transformation because it leads you to a better understanding grace.  The place where real transformation always begins.
The practice of Lent brings transformation.

Step Two: Release

Step two in transformation is letting go. Let us not skip the hard work of lent and go straight to the resurrection.  We do that too much.  We don’t think about sin, we just assume the forgiveness.  We need to go through the practice of lent to grow forward in our relationship with the Holy.
Lent is about letting go.  Letting go of the past, our sin, our dependence on things that seek to destroy us without malice.  We must let go of the things that hold us back from moving forward.  Everyone immediately will probably think, “I have to let go of my sin.”  What is it with sin that we always blame it.  Yes, that is meant to be funny.  The reality is we let go of our sin quick.  We easily forget about it, more readily we don’t even recognize it.  We don’t know what our sins or sins in general are, except what we proclaim to be sin in someone else’s life.
It is not always sin.  There are many things we need to release.  We need to release the influence of some people in our lives.  I saw a funny story about people that clean their homes before they go on a trip as if someone is going to break in a check it out while they are gone.  My house is clean when we go on a trip.  There are traditions that have power over us.  Those things that we will not change because we have not done it any other way before.

We are enslaved by such things, and many more.  We are bound to them like a captain to their ship.  Those things are indifferent to the fact that we are being destroyed. During lent, I invite you to take another step in your transformation.  Look at what enslaves you and let it go.  You may find yourself at peace and more satisfied as those chains that bind you are removed.


Rev. Todd Padgett